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Edge Film Technologies is committed to offering value to our dealer network and consumers with integrity which can be understood from our Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Edge Film Technologies to enable our dealers through solution-centric products to shape the future of the window film industry for the benefit of consumers, making innovative products accessible to all.

You have probably also heard on the negative side, “you may be a hammer, but the whole world is not a nail”.

In the window film industry (which is estimated to be $500 million per year), the Edge has witnessed that each manufacturer is great at something but none is good at everything. This is what Edge has set out to do, bring together the best technologies, the best warranties, the best staff, and the best film values under one brand – Edge. In order to effectively illustrate what makes Edge unique in our industry, consider the following four (4) distinctions:



Edge does not have the largest portfolio of products, that is, we don’t have ‘everything’. The reason is that ‘everything’ generally comes out of the desire for R&D to show what is ‘possible’ rather than consumers and the marketplace being allowed to define what they need. The impact of building ‘everything’ is felt in Balance Sheet of the manufacturer where they must charge more for their products to pay for the cost of carrying ‘everything’. By not having warehouses full of dusty film boxes, Edge keeps your costs down.

Edge Film Technologies will continue to engineer, develop, and add products that are relevant to our dealers and consumers – but always with the understanding that new products are introduced because they are needed by our customers rather than ‘proof of concept’ by engineers and scientists.


Edge works diligently to understand both our dealer and the consumer perspective on price and profit. By offering competitively priced products to our dealers, they are able to compete effectively in the marketplace. In addition, however, our experience and additional services can illustrate consumer benefits that can increase value beyond just cost per square foot. Even though our pricing is great, our experience and services and leave other film manufacturers feeling a little like a window film catalog rather than a service provider.



Products and Price are essential – but Promotion is where Edge is allowed to experience fulfillment in a more personal sense because Promotion allows us to relate in a personal manner with our dealers and consumers. Promotion allows us to answer the question “Who is Edge?”.

While our Mission Statement may say where we are going, our Promotion tells the story of the personal drive of each Edge Brand Ambassador. It is one thing to sell window film – it is an entirely different experience to do it as Edge does with Inclusivity, Humor, Speed, Experience, and Generosity.

Connecting in a personal manner through Promotion brings more meaning and fulfillment that might otherwise be found in ‘work’.


Edge Products, Pricing, and Promotion must be met with a commitment and an ability to get the products into the hands of our dealers in a timely, cost-effective manner. For that reason, Edge is committed to a decentralized distribution structure that puts our dealers in the best position to get our products quickly.

With ten (10) warehouses, Edge dealers can always get next day air shipment in the U.S. more cost effectively – some cities even have same-day delivery.

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