Turnkey Opportunity

Do you think partnership with a window film manufacturer means they have inventory and they accept credit cards?  Do you wonder if partnership between you and your suppliers is even a possibility in today’s business climate?  Do you remember when that used to be the norm?

What if a window film manufacturer had a PLAN and a PROCESS to help you both IMPROVE your window film business and ADD window film TO your business in a Turn-Key Fashion?

Whether you are in the window film industry and would like to take your business to the next level or are outside the window film industry looking in at the tremendous business opportunities, consider how Edge Film Technologies has programmed what can take decades to learn on your own:

turnkey-1Custom Showroom Design
turnkey-2Installation Training
turnkey-3Product Training
turnkey-4Sales Training
turnkey-5Continuing Education
turnkey-6Profitibility Analysis
turnkey-7Pricing Recommendations
turnkey-8Hands-On Sales Tools
turnkey-9Software Support & Training
turnkey-10Warranty Process Training