If you are one of those consumers who is ready to get the windows of your car tinted, then here is some news for you. Window tinting is a huge benefit for cars as it protects you and your car from harsh ultraviolet rays. Tinting also keeps interiors cool and provides privacy. However, there are a few things that you must know before getting the windows of your car tinted from a tinting expert.

Rules released by New York State DMV

Earlier this year, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles released a new video that was designed to educate the consumers on the new window tinting law of New York State. The law went into effect this year. The law requires testing of window tint during motor vehicle inspections.

Steven Cooper, Director of Vehicle Safety for New York State DMV, said that the requirements of New York State for window tinting are similar to the federal requirements for window tinting.

What to do?

Now, the main question that may come to your mind is what to do?  New Yorkers have been advised by the DMV to get a car inspection completed before the expiration date. The cars that have illegal window tints will not pass their annual vehicle inspection under this new law and if the owner of the car fails an inspection due to illegal tinting, then the car owner has until the expiration date to resolve the issue.

If you work with professional window tinters in New York (or any state) you can ask how to be in compliance with the tinting laws and avoid the consequences of illegal tinting.

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