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President - Edge Film Technologies

Energy Savings Jack in the Box

Ever wonder why your ROI calcs are not accepted by ESCOs and Energy Professionals? Edge has built itself from the beginning with attention toward the energy efficiency market.  While other film manufacturers may see energy efficiency as a ‘marketing tool’, at Edge it is in our core. We are not guessing at energy [...]

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May 2017 Newsletter

Deep-Dyed Carbon Crystalline New to the Edge Film Technologies' automotive lineup - Carbon Crystalline! This amazing new product is built on PROVEN, long-lasting Deep-Dyed Technology! With a great handle and feel during installation, you can quickly install on complex vehicles and your clients can have the confidence of knowing they are buying technology that is [...]

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So you think you want to “DIY” window tinting? THINK AGAIN!

You may have seen some do-it-yourself window tinting kits online, which commonly cost you $30 to $150. Those DIY tint kits boast about requiring less than professional tinting skills and still providing exceptional results. However, just because you can install drywall, plumbing, and other “DIY” projects does not mean you can install window film (well, [...]

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How long will automotive window tinting last?

Window tinting offers many benefits to you such as protecting your skin against harsh UV rays, reducing the glare of sunlight, cooling the inside of the car, etc. However, before getting the windows of car tinted, you should always know how long it will last. The life of window tints is often dependent on several [...]

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How much does automotive window tinting cost?

The cost of tinting your car includes material and labor.  Naturally material costs vary widely depending on the type and technology of the window tinting itself.  It may not surprise you to also learn that the skill and experience of the installer plays a major role.  Someone once said that if you want something done [...]

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How long to tint a car?

While answering this question can be very complex, we understand the average time by an installing dealer for window tinting of cars is from 45 minutes to 2-3 hours. The time taken actually depends on the number of windows the customer wants to get filmed. In case the car owner wants to add window film [...]

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Edge Dealer Profile – SunSafe Window Tinting

Please join me in congratulating and welcoming the newest Dealer partner to the Edge family! Edge window films have benefits throughout your home, car, or business. Whether reducing solar heat gain for comfort or to save energy, improve appearance in your vehicle or hotel, or implement glass safety in your school or government building … [...]

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