How long will automotive window tinting last?

Window tinting offers many benefits to you such as protecting your skin against harsh UV rays, reducing the glare of sunlight, cooling the inside of the car, etc. However, before getting the windows of car tinted, you should always know how long it will last. The life of window tints is often dependent on several factors like the climate, amount of direct sunlight that your vehicle gets exposed to, and especially the quality and product type of window tint.  With today’s technologies, car owners should expect a lifetime warranty for automotive window tinting.

How much does automotive window tinting cost?

The cost of tinting your car includes material and labor.  Naturally material costs vary widely depending on the type and technology of the window tinting itself.  It may not surprise you to also learn that the skill and experience of the installer plays a major role.  Someone once said that if you want something done right, take it to the busiest person because there is evidence that everyone else trusts them!

Likewise, if you hunt for the lowest price you may find installers with a very low price because they are not busy – why is it that they are not busy while some others are?  Is their price low because they are in training and will use your car to further their training?

However, if you feel you’ll save money doing it yourself, you will probably end up paying a professional to remove it later.

How long to tint a car?

While answering this question can be very complex, we understand the average time by an installing dealer for window tinting of cars is from 45 minutes to 2-3 hours. The time taken actually depends on the number of windows the customer wants to get filmed. In case the car owner wants to add window film to the back window and all four side windows, the process will take longer, whereas if the customer wants only the front side doors of his car tinted, it takes considerably less time. Some installing dealers want to keep the car for a day or at least 12 hours to ensure proper drying of some high-technology window films.

Edge Dealer Profile – SunSafe Window Tinting

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