You may have seen some do-it-yourself window tinting kits online, which commonly cost you $30 to $150. Those DIY tint kits boast about requiring less than professional tinting skills and still providing exceptional results. However, just because you can install drywall, plumbing, and other “DIY” projects does not mean you can install window film (well, at least you can’t install it cleanly).

Some people are attracted to any DIY project including window film and buy without much thought because it seems like such a bargain! However, with DIY window tinting you often get poor quality PRODUCTS and a NOVICE INSTALLER (you). Fast forward a few months – sometimes weeks – after tinting your windows and you may notice the tint is dirty underneath, peeling off your vehicle, or turning purple and bubbly. Spend your weekends DIY’ing all over your house but always look for a professional in your area who can install your window tinting.